SvP was founded at Harvard first, in March 2020!

Meet our founders and current leadership!

Gwendolyn Lee, Co-Founder

MPP - Harvard School of Government; MD - UCLA Medical School

LisaMichelle Pecaro, President

Biology ALB, Harvard University

Email her at:

Alexandria Lee, Co-Founder

MS - Harvard School of Public Health




All of our Harvard SvP committees are recruiting! If you're interested in volunteering on these teams, contact us at

Do you like Humans of NY? Do you want to hear people's stories and help them be heard by everyone else? Do you have a story to tell? If so, join Humans of Pandemics! This Humans of NY-style initiative brings real stories of people during this pandemic to SvP and the greater public through our website and social media.

SvP's Public Health Team is dedicated to producing & publishing digestible scientific material designed to educate the public on various COVID-19 topics. Our initiatives include creating & reviewing pandemic-related blog posts, hosting podcast discussions, surveying community needs, and combating COVID-19 misinformation prevalent in media outlets. Are you into scientific writing for the public? This is your committee!

SvP's People & Culture Team is focused on fostering community amongst members. We provide opportunities for meeting fellow SvP members through engagement opportunities such as our mentorship program. Our initiatives include organizing and streamlining the onboarding process as well as hosting game nights and other fun actvities! We also have an emphasis on ensuring that SvP members' hard work is recognized, and that their ideas and concerns are heard. Come join us if you love meeting new people and love having fun!

If you are a graphic design whiz, the Public Relations team is perfect for you! Created to share and publicize the great work of all our teams and chapters, the PR Team promotes SvP through branding & also advertises all our events, charity drives, & initiatives. The PR team is seeking members/leaders to work on designing posters & collaborate with teams across the SvP organization!

SvP’s PPE Team leads efforts in alleviating the current PPE shortage in heath facilities by, partnering with Get Us PPE. SvP connects donors to requests directly through Get Us PPE’s vast database for immediate donations. The PPE team needs volunteers interested in going through the Get Us PPE database to connect more PPE requesters to donors. Help us reach our 10K PPE donation goal!

Are you interested in helping SvP to ensure its resources and programs are more accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities? Consider contributing your ideas, design and technical skills, translation abilities, etc. Help advocate for more support of people with disabilities and others who face major barriers to information access during this pandemic.

Do you have an idea for a community service project? Do you want to help your community? If so, service sprints are right for you! These short-term community service projects try to engage as many members as possible for a short amount of time so we can make a difference in our communities! Want to learn more about how you can help during the pandemic? Join the service sprints team! Leadership opportunities available.

The SvP Policy Team aims to provide informed policy analysis and recommendations regarding COVID-19 to the general public and elected officials. Our goals are to promote American access to health, financial, technological, and educational resources during the COVID-19 crisis, to promote reserach that creates effective measures against future pandemics, to create a centralized resource of COVID-19 policy research to promote the exchange of new ideas, and to promote the spread of accurate and timely information on COVID-19 and related policy.

Do you like TED talks? Have you ever wanted to put on a TEDx event? Do you or someone you know want to give their own TED talk? If so, this is the committee for you! Join us in planning a virtual TEDx event for SvP!

SvP's Mental Health Team is dedicated to producing & publishing resources designed to promote community & individual wellness. Our initiatives include creating & reviewing pandemic-related wellness posts, hosting events such as virtual yoga, dance, & expression events, surveying community wellness needs, & combating negative tropes about mental health. We seek to spread positivity & resilience. If you are interested in thinking creatively & helping others, this is your committee!

Humans of Pandemics


Service Sprints

TED Talks

Public Health

Get Us PPE

Public Policy

Mental Health


People & Culture



Want some activities to keep the kids learning and occupied? Lost your healthcare and need a guide to your options? Need ideas for cooking in lock-down? The SvP Harvard Chapter has compiled the following resources to assist you during this uncertain time.







Scroll through our slideshow to see some of our many initiatives! Click the links to our committee websites!
Interested in joining a project or proposing a new initiative? Contact us at

Students Vs Pandemics @ Harvard is proud to partner with Get Us PPE!

Get Us PPE is the largest national nonprofit getting personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, gloves, and gowns to front-line workers in order to keep them and the public safe.


SvP’s PPE Team leads efforts in alleviating the current PPE shortage within the Massachusetts region in partnership with Get Us PPE. SvP connects donors to requests directly through Get Us PPE’s vast database for immediate donations.


By serving as a bridge to those in need during this unprecedented time, SvP’s PPE team will continue to serve the greater community by alleviating the PPE shortage alongside GetUsPPE.

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 6.28.24 PM.png

Through SvP, Get Us PPE has delivered over 100 units of PPE to more than 10 hospitals and clinics in the Boston Area!

To donate PPE or monetary funds, click here

If your facility needs PPE, make your request here






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