Students vs. Pandemics at Cal is an interdisciplinary group of UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students aiming to make a positive impact on health and overall wellness during times of crisis. Our three primary goals are to improve transparency and communication, build community at Cal, and identify needs and innovate solutions.


Kathleen Navas

B.A. Candidate

Sami Morse


John Seo

B.A. Candidate



For up-to-date information on resources for students and opportunities to serve our community in the East Bay Area



We have hosted lectures from various experts to discuss the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, its impact, and its potential future implications. Have a look!



Take a look at some of our ongoing projects below! Interested in joining a project or proposing a new initiative? Join our team or contact us via email. Find completed projects at the bottom of this page.

Mental Health:

Meditation and Mindfulness Workshops

We’re planning to release a series of videos and livestreams during which trained professionals direct students through stress-management techniques

If you're interested in this project, let us know! Stay tuned on our social media!

Fireside Chats

We will be giving mental health professionals a platform to discuss pressing mental health issues and how to address them

If you're interested, give us an email! Look for updates on social media!


We are collecting stories that detail individuals achieving in spite of the adversity brought on by this pandemic

If you have a story, give us an email! Look for our posts on social media!


Public Health Information

We are currently researching vaccine development, vaccine design, and public health implications of its administration. We are also creating a guide on how to read COVID-19 Data.

If have any information, give us an email!

Study Tips

We are compiling tips on how to thrive academically at home this semester. 

If you have any suggestions, give us an email

Resources Spreadsheet:

Policy Research

We’re working on creating a comprehensive list of policy relating to the pandemic and its implications. 

Want to collaborate? Let us know!

UC Berkeley Resources

We’re compiling information on work study students' eligibility for EBT, updates from the school, and creating a list of hospitals that accept SHIP

Want to help out? Let us know!

Supporting Vulnerable Populations:

Project Smile Collaboration

We’re connecting with Project Smile to help provide mentorship partnerships for middle school students in the east bay! 

Check out Project Smile. If you're interested in helping, let us know!

Wave Collaboration

We’re working with Wave Learning Festival to help teach free classes for students spanning from grades 6 to 12! 

Check out Wave Learning Festival. If you're interested in helping, let us know!

Contact Tracing:

SvP App

We are laying the groundwork to create a phone application that focuses on contact tracing, mental health, and pandemic information. Included in this App would be a campus "hotspot" map and information to stop the spread

Consider participating.


Amplify Voices

We are contacting Bay Area organizations with the hopes of publicizing their efforts, amplifying their message, and boosting service drives.

If you're interested in partnering with us, give us an email

Berkeley Relief Fund

We are collaborating with Berkeley Relief Fund to provide monetary support to local small businesses, arts, nonprofits, and residential tenants.

Check out Berkeley Relief Fund. Do you want to help? Give us an email

Double Helping Hands

We are working with Double Helping Hands to help provide relief to local restaurants and the houseless community

Check out Double Helping Hands. Want to contribute? Give us an email



Suitcase Clinic
Berkeley Outreach Coalition


Students vs. Pandemics at Cal