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Students vs. Pandemics at Cal is an interdisciplinary group of UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students aiming to make a positive impact on health and overall wellness during times of crisis. Our three primary goals are to improve transparency and communication, build community at Cal, and identify needs and innovate solutions.


Kathleen Navas

B.A. Candidate

Sami Morse


Helia Samani

B.S. Candidate



For up-to-date information on resources for students and opportunities to serve our community in the East Bay Area





Take a look at some of our projects below!

Interested in joining a project or proposing a new initiative? Join our team or contact us via email

SvP App

We are laying the groundwork to create a phone application that focuses on contact tracing, mental health, and pandemic information. 

Consider participating.

Card and Care Package Drive

We’re making and delivering thank you cards and care packages to front line workers and patients in the Bay Area. 

If interested, consider contributing

Mindfulness Workshops

We’re looking into amplifying and collaborating with DeCals focused on meditation and mindfulness. 

If you're interested in this project, or have any input, let us know

Empowering Voices

We’re working with the Daily Cal to compile positive and empowering voices of the success stories during the pandemic. 

Have any ideas? Let us know! Check out the work soon!

School Outreach

We’re connecting with Bay Area schools to help supply, tutor, and help out any way we can! 

If interested, consider contributing or request our help!



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  • Coming Soon!



Students vs. Pandemics at Cal

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