Jacob is an infectious disease researcher at Harvard’s Wyss Institute and is doing his master’s thesis at Boston Children’s Hospital. He has previously worked as chief financial officer and chief operating officer of a non-profit organization.

He is interested in public health education and awareness, vaccines, and diagnostics.

Jacob earned his B.S. in Biology, Washington and Lee University (2019); MMSc. Immunology, Harvard Medical School (2021)


Mary previously worked as a Massachusetts House of Representatives intern, writing policy proposals on infrastructure & housing. She is currently conducting research as a Radcliffe Research fellow, drafting abstracts & memos to primary stakeholders for addressing COVID-19 in hotspots. She also interns at a DC-based strategic communications firm.


She is interested in establishing strong points of contact between policy makers on the Hill & healthcare needs of nationwide communities.


Mary is a current undergraduate at Harvard College (2022)



Gwendolyn previously worked at the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission. She currently sources ventures using artificial intelligence and health tech for Innospark Ventures and Flare Capital Partners.

She is interested in the intersection between health policy, population health, and digital health innovation.


Gwendolyn earned her B.A. at the School of Public & International Affairs, Princeton University (2016); MPP, Harvard Kennedy School (2020); MD, UCLA (2022)


Grant McComb

Grant is a serial entrepreneur, owning three businesses and consulting with many more. He was the President of Pasadena Media and  is now pivoting towards government via international relations and policy making endeavors.

He is interested in public policy making and how it impacts the public, as well as finding solutions in the private sector for social and political issues.


Grant earned his B.A. in International Relations Harvard DCE (2021)


Alexis previously conducted research through Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo regarding the relationship between psychiatric and systemic illness. She is currently studying medicine, working toward her M.D. through Trinity School of Medicine. 

She is interested in medical education and reversing the stigma of mental health in medicine. 

Alexis earned her B.A. in Psychology, University at Buffalo (2016); MD, Trinity School of Medicine (2022)


Muneeza Sheikh

Muneeza is the founder of Reading to Leading, a literacy club for girls in Dhaka (Bangladesh), that is dedicated to fostering a deeper love for literature and raising self-esteem through poetry focused on empowerment. She is currently a research associate at UT Southwestern in the field of emergency medicine. 


She is interested in bridging the gap between health disparities and access to quality healthcare via public health education.

Muneeza is a current undergraduate majoring in Healthcare Studies at UT Dallas (2022).


Alexandria Lee

Alexandria previously worked at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She is currently working on her reproductive epidemiology thesis at Massachusetts General Hospital and researches with the Prevention Research Center at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health.

She is interested in bridging the gap between public health and medicine

Alexandria earned her B.S. in Anthropology and Evolutionary Medicine, UCLA (2018); M.S. in Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health (2020)


Shristi Ghimire

  Shristi previously served as an associate at Barclays Investment Bank and a senior associate consultant at Kaiser Associates. In addition, she is a co-founder of Fund for Dreams, a non-profit organization that provides scholarship and mentors to less privileged children in Vietnam and Nepal. Prior to Barclays, Shristi had a career in theater and film in her home country of Nepal.


She is interested in helping young women thrive in their educational and professional endeavors, and building the next generation of women leaders.


Shristi earned her B.A in Economics, Mount Holyoke College.

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