Students vs Pandemics at UChicago is an interdisciplinary group of students aiming to make a positive impact on health and overall wellness during times of crisis. Our three primary goals are to improve transparency and communication, create an inclusive community, and innovate solutions.

Our Founders

Alice Saparov


Abbey Pouba




Community Outreach



Mental Health



We are centralizing resources, information, and groups of people surrounding topics such as COVID-19, mental health, community outreach, and more!



Take a look at some of our projects below! Interested in joining a project or proposing a new initiative? Contact us at and be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook below for updates! 

A safe space for general peace of mind whether you are in quarantine or not. Thank you to our talented and caring member Emily for creating this. Come for journaling, entertainment ideas, dog pics, and more! 

Public Health

Providing the UChicago community with concise and reliable information regarding COVID. Stay up to date with current case counts, guidelines, and preventative measures.

Service & Volunteer Opportunities

Work with a variety of organizations and people to identify and allocate necessary resources for people in need. Resources posted above, and updated lists posted on social medias weekly!

Outreach & Collaboration

Expanding the work and community of SvP across the UChicago and local Chicago community. We are always looking for new people and groups to work with!



Contact Students vs. Pandemics

Want to build a chapter of Students vs. Pandemics at your university? Have a question about our work? Excited to help? Let us know in our form, by clicking below! For more specific volunteer opportunities see our "Volunteer" page.

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