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Sheida is a PhD candidate in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University, Canada. She has a medical degree from Semnan University of Medical Sciences, Iran. She joined SvP@Canada in February 2021, intending to help people overcome the crisis during this pandemic. Her current plan in SvP is to initiate a platform where a team of students, physicians, & psychologists can answer the questions & concerns of people about COVID-19, vaccination, or other medical/psychological questions


Nicole is a junior at CUNY Hunter College studying Health Studies for Women and underserved Populations in the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies program. She is a founding member of our NYC chapter, where she has used her passion for preventative healthcare to promote getting vaccinated and help others get vaccine appointments. Outside of SvP, Nicole is a religious school teacher and enjoys painting and snowboarding in her free time.


Justin is a second year intended Public Health major at UC Berkeley! He joined SvP last summer, helping to develop a proposed campus contract tracing app. He currently writes blogs on COVID-19 immunology and medications for our Berkeley Chapter’s public health research committee, hoping to make words like “T cells” and “interleukin-6" a household name. He has a passion for epidemiology and infectious diseases, seeking to find more efficient interventions to eradicate rising pathogens.


Duke is a second-year English and Immunology double major at UC Berkeley! He joined SvP this spring and currently writes for our Berkeley chapter's Public Health Research Committee. He enjoys exploring the human experience through the lenses of biochemistry and literature, and hopes to one day understand “what all those big words mean” Outside of SvP, Duke is an Eagle Scout and enjoys hiking, camping, and breathing fresh air. He also plays volleyball for the men’s club team at UC Berkeley.


Winnie serves as the internal chairwoman for our SVP@UCLA chapter! She recently graduated from UCLA with her Bachelor's in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology! Winnie has an interest in healthcare accessibility. She was very dedicated to our Project Hygiene initiatives, assembling and donating hundreds of hygiene kits for the Venice Family Clinic.


Paulina is currently a junior at Princeton University majoring in Molecular Biology with a Certificate in Global Health and Health Policy. She is the Public Health Education Committee Chair at the SvP Princeton Chapter, where she organizes and creates amazing public health infographics, and most recently coordinated a social media campaign to encourage double masking. In her free time, Paulina enjoys running and singing along to musical numbers!


Derron is currently a 4th year Economics and International Relations student at the University of Toronto, and is the co-Founder of the SvP Canada chapter. He joined SvP Canada to help communities and students disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Derron loves hosting workshops, initiatives and events, as well as joining a close and tight-knit community.


Edward is a first year Immunology Master's student at Harvard Medical School. He is president of the Harvard Chapter's Public Health team where he researches and creates blogs and our SvP Podcast episodes! Edward is also eager to pitch in and help anywhere he can, including on the National SvP Vaccine Video project!


Armaan is a sophomore at UC Berkeley, studying business administration. Armaan joined Students vs. Pandemics Berkeley last semester and has worked on service drives, supporting households, and our vaccine research projects! He says: "I wanted to have a positive impact on society, because that's something I always believed in. SvP is a good way to provide relevant information to the people. Any support during these times is beneficial for everyone!"


Chinmayi is the co-founder of our UCLA chapter. She is a 4th year Medical Student at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA with an interest in women's health and equity, applying into OB/GYN this year. She helped found SvP@LA to engage both the local community and students from various backgrounds with common interests to innovate solutions to the unique problems during the pandemic and beyond.


Alishah is a second year public health major at UC Berkeley! She joined SvP last summer and now serves as an Outreach Lead. She helps manage the Berkeley SvP Instagram account, leads recruitment, and writes vaccine-related blogs as well. Alishah hopes to learn more about epidemiology and biostatistics. Outside of SvP, Alishah loves photography, running, and cheering on the New England Patriots.


Emily is a biology major & psychology minor at UC San Diego who enjoys writing to disseminate knowledge & engage others. She writes for the SvP public health blog & has recently began contributing to mental health projects as well. Her favorite self-care activities include her daily outdoor runs & weekly journaling. Emily conducts organizational behavior research at multiple business schools and, as a free clinic scribe, she is especially passionate about serving vulnerable populations.


Ekaterina is a member of our UCLA chapter, where she serves as Publicity Co-Chair! Ekaterina recently graduated from UCLA with a Molecular and Cellular Developmental Biology Bachelor's degree. Through the UCLA chapter's Project Hygiene, Ekaterina helped to assemble and personalize 40 hygiene care packages to donate to the homeless and uninsured community in Los Angeles.


Mitchell is interning this J-Term with the SvP National team! He is working as a liaison for SvP's national affairs, specifically for our donation campaigns and grants for our organization. Mitchell is a sophomore at Harvard College majoring in economics and minoring in psychology. He fences for Harvard and the USA Team. In his free time, he likes to golf and play video games. Special thanks to the Harvard Club of New Jersey for providing Mitchell with a fully-funded internship at SvP!


Hollie is a pre-PA UC Berkeley senior studying Integrative Human Biology! She is lead of our Berkeley chapter's Supporting-Local-Schools project, which provides support, supplies & student interaction per school's needs. She & her group are working to create school supply drives, virtual Berkeley campus tours, and Zoom info sessions where high school students can ask UC Berkeley students questions about college. In her free time, Hollie loves to play basketball & paint!


Mina is a member of our SvP National Team, where she is building a method of coordinating the creation and peer review of the public health blogs, podcasts and expert speaker events from all of our chapters. She is pursuing her Bachelors at Princeton University, majoring in Chemistry with minors in Global Health and Creative Writing. Mina is interested in fostering the awareness and compassion necessary to combat national and global health inequities.


Gabrielle is a junior at Princeton University majoring in Chemistry. At our SvP Princeton Chapter, she acts as one of their Community Outreach and Engagement chairs and has been instrumental in organizing SvP Princeton's Coalition for the Homeless fundraiser, as well as her chapter's vaccine panel event. In her free time, Gabrielle is a talented cook and figure skater!


Alice is a founder of our University of Chicago chapter! She is a third year student athlete on the dive team at UChicago, where she studies biology & is pursuing a specialization in Quantitative Biology, with a minor in Data Science. Alice loves sushi & is very hard working with an open mind & heart. She wanted to start the UChicago chapter to bring people access to easily absorbed information, as well as bring people together in this crazy time through a variety of interests & passions.


Courtney is a member of our Harvard chapter! She designs all of her chapter's incredible posters & helps design social media ads & posts for the national team as well! She is also a member of the SvP public health committee! Courtney is currently taking classes towards a master’s degree in Biology, & is especially interested in immunology & neuroscience. She owns & operates several small businesses & enjoys photography & gardening!


Grace is a member of the SvP Princeton University chapter. She is a sophomore interested in studying English or Economics, and is considering certificates in Finance & Creative writing. Grace likes botany, poetry, and playing video games, but she dislikes using standard Arial/Helvetica! She leads the Advocacy team, and researches & designs infographics for our Princeton Chapter.


Alice is a freshman at UC Berkeley. She initially joined SvP because she wanted to contribute to COVID-19 efforts. Since then, Alice's favorite part of SvP are the diverse community of passionate students and extremely caring leadership board. Alice is a member of the public health research team and is currently working on a COVID vaccine and treatment blog series, including 2 blogs on the Pfizer vaccine. Alice has lived in 3 different countries and has visited North Korea!


Emily is a second-year student at the University of Chicago, where she loves playing lacrosse. She runs her Instagram account @ems_daily_tips where she posts daily positivity and she has created a fantastic new website to spread support and love. She hopes to bring more people together through Students vs Pandemics while running the UChicago chapter's social media accounts!


Grace Xu is a member of our Princeton University chapter. She is a third-year, pre-med undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering, as well as certificates in Neuroscience and Materials Science and Engineering. Princeton SvP wants to spotlight Grace for all the work she did to organize their upcoming fundraiser.


Abbey is co-founder of our UChicago chapter. She is a third year student pursuing her bachelor's at the University of Chicago, majoring in Computer Science. She hopes to help connect people through SvP, as well as emphasize the importance of mental health in our current world. She has just completed the UChicago chapter's amazing webpage and launched it on the SvP national site!


Kareena is in her fourth year studying molecular and cell biology at UC Berkeley! She started the Berkeley chapter's COVID-19 Lecture Series in hopes of creating a space for students to learn about the pandemic from multidisciplinary perspectives. She will be inviting professors to hold virtual talks on a variety of topics, such as SARS-CoV-2 research, mental health, economics, and more! In her free time, Kareena loves to dance and travel!


Yidan is a member of our Public Health committee and has authored several blogs since she joined SvP's Harvard chapter in late August. She is by far our most active Public Health member and she is always eager to respond to the team's requests for help! Yidan is pursing her Masters in Immunology at Harvard Medical School. She currently lives in Shanghai, China and is attending Harvard virtually this semester!


Sami is co-founder of our Berkeley Chapter! He's a proud 2020 UC Berkeley grad, but during his academic career, he founded the nonprofit organization Project Scientific Coat Initiative for Future Innovators & established various community outreach programs as President with California Ice Hockey. Currently, Sami works as a Medical Tech at Allergy & Asthma Associates. Long term, he hopes to become an MD that focuses on community outreach & attempts to address the social determinants of health.


Hannah is the founder of the Wellesley College chapter of Students vs Pandemics. She is currently a sophomore pursuing the pre-med track and considering a double major in Chemistry and English. She is passionate about serving the community through various volunteer and charity works. She is also an avid violinist and pianist.


John is co-founder of the UC Berkeley chapter of SvP. He is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Chemistry. He has spent two years working at a nonprofit organization based in Orange County as Community Outreach Program Coordinator, Health Educator, and Tobacco Prevention Project Research Assistant. Long term, he hopes to improve scientific literacy and recognize social inequality.


Kimmy is a second year master's student in the Immunology program at Harvard Medical School. She is a co-lead of the Harvard SvP public health team and has written and peer-edited countless blog posts for the SvP website. When Kimmy isn't in lab working on her thesis or writing blog posts for SvP you can probably find her cheering on the Denver Nuggets in the NBA playoffs!


Grant is currently in his final year of earning his BA in International Relations from Harvard DCE. Outside of class he is a serial entrepreneur, owning three business and consulting with many more. Grant was one of SvP's earliest members, and is now the Vice-President of our national leadership team. He leads our fundraising initiatives, and has been integral as we move towards pursuing nonprofit status.


Shivan is a second year Master's student in immunology at Harvard Medical School. He leads our policy team, & has written several blog posts that challenge people to think critically about the effects of the pandemic beyond public health. When he isn't working on policy for SvP or neuroimmunology for his thesis, Shivan is probably in the kitchen cooking or taking pictures for his food insta (@culinaryfool). Thanks, Shivan, for all you've done so far!


Likitha is a rising senior at the University of California, San Diego. She founded our UCSD chapter in May and has been leading their operations ever since. She and her team quickly put together a resources spreadsheet to help people around the San Diego area, and they now have a strong public health team putting out information and resources for people around California. Congrats, Likitha - we can’t wait to see what UCSD does this year!


Stefanie is a Junior majoring in Molecular & Cell Biology - Neurobiology at Cal Berkeley. She joined SvP's Berkeley chapter to help out with COVID-19 efforts & support the Berkeley campus & local community. Within hours of joining, Stefanie helped the chapter set up an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account. She is now in charge organizing & coordinating the SvP Berkeley's social media team.


Kathleen joined SvP several months ago & is co-founder of the UC Berkeley Chapter. She has been an invaluable member of #buildamovement and has introduced SvP to several other community organizations & initiatives. Kathleen is a rising senior pursuing a double major in Molecular & Cellular biology/Immunology & Data Science. She is completing her honors thesis at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center & is working out an affiliation between UC Berkeley & MSK.


Muneeza leads SvP’s people & culture initiative. She works to build an even stronger community within SvP & revamp our orientation process. Muneeza is the founder of Reading to Leading,a literacy club for girls in Bangladesh, that fosters a deeper love for literature & raising self-esteem through poetry focused on empowerment. She is currently a research associate at UT Southwestern in emergency medicine. She's interested in increasing access to quality healthcare via public health education.


Alexis leads our efforts to expand SvP to high schools. She guides our interactions with minors and developed tools for students to create their own versions of SvP. She previously conducted research through the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo regarding the relationship between psychiatric and systemic illnesses. Alexis studies medicine at the Trinity School of Medicine and is interested in medical education and reversing the stigma of mental health in medicine.


Shristi has shaped SvP’s strategy & operations. She has worked closely with all SvP’s committees to track their growth, progress, & initiatives and used KPIs to ensure SvP is working toward our mission. Shristi graduated from Mt. Holyoke with a bachelor’s in Economics. She served as an associate at Barclays Investment Bank & a consultant at Kaiser Associates. She's a member of Fund for Dreams, which has a mission of helping kids in developing nations realize their dreams through education.


Bulelani is a dedicated, friendly & approachable SvP member. He has launched initiatives including the orientation handbook, the organizational governance docs & leads the Op-eds committee. Bulelani is a Harvard PhD student. His research interests include Africa-China relations, Cybersecurity, African Political Economy, Internet Policy & Privacy Law. He is conducting research with the China, Law, Development project at Oxford, which aims to understand China’s new globalism.


Alexandra is an SvP Summer Fellow. She moderated the "Grassroots Advocacy & Media Portrayals of Race, Gender, & Protests" event, developed committee engagement metrics, & designed & produces our weekly newsletters! Alexandra is an incoming Master student at HKS. Most recently, she worked at an elementary school in a low-income area of her hometown of Albuquerque. She has worked as a business journalist in NYC for 2 years, reporting for The Wall Street Journal & Bloomberg.


Tyler co-leads the Design Committee, where she collaborates with other committees to visualize & design their published content. Tyler is a third-year architecture student at the Harvard GSD. She is particularly interested in issues around community-based design and sustainable buildings. Outside of SvP, Tyler is working on a summer research project with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Bangladesh, investigating ways that public markets in Dhaka can adapt to the COVID-19 crisis.


Jax is a member of SvP's WiCR committee. She played an integral role in launching the webinar, Elevating Black Voices: Racial Justice & Healing, which drew more than 300 RSVPs. Jax is a U.S. Air Force veteran & grad student at Harvard, focusing on International Relations, with a concentration on issues involving Social Justice. She currently works for the Department of Defense supporting a team of senior leaders who act as liaisons for the DoD's communication needs.


Daniel is a Navy/Marine Corps veteran & Harvard Government grad student. He was deployed to the Iraq war as a combat medic and to Haiti on a humanitarian relief mission. He is honored to again serve his country on SvP! Daniel leads the Policy team, which has impacted the 6.8 million Massachusetts residents with its work. Massachusetts state elected officials utilized the team’s research data to draft economic recovery legislation for COVID-19.


Darcy's passion is preventing physical & sexual abuse against women & children. She goes above & beyond to research & create such content for SvP & WiCR. Darcy is a grad student in International Relations & Security at Harvard. She previously served as U.S. policy & advocacy coordinator at the Center for Reproductive Rights, and researches issues, policy, & international healthcare norms for the SvP Policy team. She also writes for the London School of Econ.'s blog & Ramona Magazine for Girls.


Monica led SvP’s policy committee. She helped produce SvP’s first policy memos on economic recovery, which were sent to the Massachusetts State Senate. Monica is a freshman at Harvard College. She has previously founded a coding club, has experience in public relations campaign, and has fundraised thousands for disaster relief through the Red Cross. Monica interns at Breaktime, a nonprofit that launches the careers of young adults experiencing homelessness with transitional employment.


Jamie leads SvP’s engagement committee, where she elevates the work of SvP’s many chapters & partners. She also helped launch SvP’s 1st speaker series with Dr. Zoe Marks. The event was co-hosted by Harvard Kennedy School’s Women in Power Conference, which she also leads. Jamie attends HKS & holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. She has long been committed to service through her career at Oath, at the World Wildlife Fund, & at the Asian Univ. for Women Support Foundation.


LisaMichelle serves as Webmaster for the entire SvP website & partner university sites! She completed her thesis on the link between Zika virus & microcephaly & is passionate about virology. LisaMichelle studied biology at Harvard & serves as an executive board member for the Harvard Club of New Jersey. There, she is co-lead of the internship committee, which provides paid internships to NJ Harvard students.


Michelle contributes to many SvP initiatives, including policy & public health. She helped launch our SvP website & the Policy Committee’s website! Michelle is a junior at Harvard College, majoring in Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology and minoring in Global Health and Health Policy. She participated in the PRISE program, working at Harvard Medical School in the lab of Dr. Joan Brugge on breast cancer research.


Felicia works across many SvP committees and is always willing to lend a hand. She led our service sprint on food security & spent weeks reaching out to community partners to feature their work. Felicia studies cell & molecular biology at Harvard College. She is co-founder/co-president of StoryWish, a nonprofit dedicated to helping chronically ill children nationwide write their own storybooks. She has interned at MSKCC & Boston Children's. She is also an editor for The Harvard Crimson.


Godha is an active member/lead of several SvP chapters. She is interested in complex systems strategy and architecture as well as Women and International & Human Security Affairs. She has previously worked with companies of all sizes in India, the US and the UK and worked for EMEA regions. She is a volunteer Citizen Diplomat for WorldBoston Inc., focusing on Women and Cybersecurity matters.


Jacob has coordinated our service sprint for blood donations and is an active member of the SvP Internal Affairs team. He is interested in public health education and awareness, vaccines, and diagnostics. Jacob is an infectious disease researcher at Harvard’s Wyss Institute and is doing his master’s thesis at Boston Children’s Hospital. He has previously worked as chief financial officer and chief operating officer of a non-profit organization.

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