Wellesley Students vs Pandemics is an interdisciplinary group of Wellesley College students working together to make a positive impact on health and overall wellness during times of crisis. Our three main goals are to build community at Wellesley, improve transparency and communication, and identify needs and innovate solutions.   


Hannah Ryu

President and Founder

Eden Gedangoni


Zoe Elizee

Social Media Manager

Clara Kim

Recruitment Manager

Emily Huang

Resources Manager



Take a look at some of our projects below! Interested in joining a project or proposing a new initiative? Contact us at or our social media pages below.

Virtual Lecture Series

As the pandemic is affecting lives in unimaginable ways, it is imperative for us all to understand more about the virus and its impact on society. Through this Virtual Lecture Series, professionals and experts from various fields will virtually provide educational talks on topics such as changes in vaccine production, world economy, virtual education, social interaction, etc. and help answer the questions that people have during these times of confusion and change. 

Wellesley Humans of Pandemics

An online publication through which people can share their stories, inspirations, and rumination on life to help us all feel less isolated during these times of social distancing. A platform where members of our community can have their voices heard and also acknowledge the voices of others. 

Cards for Cures

Video card project conveying our hope and resilience, and gratitude toward healthcare professionals, workers, patients, and their families. Featuring the works of artists, performers, and writers to help console others and "cure" minds through the universal language of art during these difficult times.  



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If you are not affiliated to Wellesley College but would like to volunteer and contribute to our projects, please contact us at or our social media pages below. 



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