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This student-led team first gathered together on March 15th to rapidly develop an organizational structure to coordinate and augment the HMS student body response to COVID-19 in collaboration with the HMS administration, leadership, affiliated hospitals, and community partners.

Covid-19 Medical Student Response Team

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SPSC is a student-led office dedicated to promoting the ideals of public service throughout and beyond the Harvard Kennedy School community. We aim to encourage students to elevate the discourse on public service, to engage actively with our local communities, and to emerge as thought-leaders and actors in the various and diverse fields of public service.

The Student Public Service Collaborative


HGC is a student government representing all twelve of Harvard University's graduate and professional schools. HGC is responsible for advocating on behalf of graduate students before the school's central administrators, including the President of Harvard University and the Provost's Office.

The Harvard Graduate Council (HGC)

MBAs are eager and on standby to serve your needs in this pandemic. MBAs Fight COVID-19 matches your projects requiring data crunching, stakeholder outreach, strategic planning, research, project management and more to MBAs who want to help.


COVID-19 Task Force

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Connect for COVID-19 collects smart devices & chargers from everyday Americans to help keep COVID-19 patients connected to the ones they love.

Connect for COVID-19

Students Against COVID-19 is a collective action group showing the country that in this time of crisis and misinformation, students can be ambassadors of facts and quality information. Our focus is on leading national social media and information campaigns that push evidence-based information on COVID-19 to the general public and empowering consumers to do the same.

Students Against COVID-19

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Partners In Health Engage aims to build a movement for universal health care. We believe that all individuals, no matter where they live, have a fundamental economic, social, and cultural right to a universal standard of health. By working in collaboration with Partners In Health, a global health nonprofit that provides care in some of the world’s poorest places, we aim to bring attention to the global disparity in access to health care and push for global change.

Partners In Health Engage

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The Coronavirus Visualization Team is a crowdsourced effort, allowing students across the globe to get involved in COVID-19 research and data visualization. We seek to better visualize and disseminate information to the general public with regards to the ongoing infodemic this pandemic presents.

Coronavirus Visualization Team

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